Who manages my money?

Our approach when investing your super, is to never lose sight that the money we are managing is yours, not ours. The investment managers we appoint are rigorously selected as specialists in their field and then closely monitored on an ongoing basis.

Asset class Investment Manager
Australian equities                Alphinity Investment Management 
  Lazard Asset Management
  State Street Global Advisors
International equities Causeway Capital Management LLC
  Neuberger Berman Australia Pty Ltd
  MFS Institutional Advisors
  State Street Global Advisors
Infrastructure Gardior Pty Ltd 
  Magellan Asset Management
  UBS Global Asset Management 
Property AMP Capital Investors
  Charter Hall Investment Management
  DEXUS Wholesale Property
  GPT Funds Management Limited
Growth alternatives AQR Capital Management
  Bridgewater Associates
  Fulcrum Asset Management
  GMO Australia
Private equity Bain Capital
  Oaktree Capital
  Quentin Ayers
  Wilshire Australia
Fixed income NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp)*
  Western Asset Management
Defensive alternatives Kapstream Capital
Cash Kapstream Capital

Updated 31 October 2018 

* Please note, this investment manager is only available in the Defined Benefit Scheme. 


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