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Congratulations, you're well on your way to super success! Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your super.

STEP 1 - Find and combine your super

If you’ve had multiple jobs you may have more than one super account. Combining them all into one could help you save on fees which can make a big difference to your savings over time.

We’ve made it easy to track down your super in just a couple of minutes. Log into your online account and go to the Find My Super page. Who knows how much of your super we could find!

Don’t forget to consider any fees and insurance you have before you combine your super.

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STEP 2 - Choose the investment option 

It’s your money and you get to choose how it’s invested. You can either take control by choosing from one of our expertly designed options or leave it in our default option, Balanced (MySuper). 

You can change your investment option online at any time, as often as you like at no additional cost. We have a number of investment options that are available to you, take the time to make sure your money is invested where you feel comfortable.

Not sure what’s right for you? Start by taking our risk attitude quiz and finding out more about our investment options by logging in to your account and going to the Investments section.

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Don’t forget your needs may change in the future so you should review your options from time to time.  

STEP 3 - Manage your account

Now that you have the basics sorted. Let’s check some of your important account details.

We’ve made managing your account easy

Getting to know your account doesn’t have to take long. When you login you’ll be able to view your current balance, manage your investment options and check your insurance cover.

You should have received everything you need to set up your account (your Member Number and PIN) in the mail. Give us a call on 1300 369 901 if you need any help or if you're having trouble resetting your PIN.

Check your insurance

It’s important to review the amount of insurance cover you have, to ensure it’s enough to protect yourself and your family. Your membership with EISS Super comes with a standard level of insurance that you can add to or cancel. Login to your online account to see how much insurance you have.

Nominate a beneficiary

Make sure your super goes to the people you care about by letting us know who they are. We call this ‘nominating a beneficiary’ and it’s a really important part of your super success.

Find out more by logging into your online account and go to the Beneficiaries page.

STEP 4 - Boost your super

You should be well on the way to getting your super sorted. Here’s a smart thing you can do to help set yourself up for even greater success.

Thinking about your future and want to grow your savings? Set yourself up and choose to pay a little bit extra into your super every time you get paid. It’s called salary sacrifice but it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice and it could save you more on tax.

If you’re interested in boosting your super by making salary sacrifice payments, why not talk to your employer today. It’s a great way to save more for your future.

If you would like to know more about salary sacrifice and the difference it can make you can try our calculator at eisuper.com.au/salarysacrifice

STEP 5 - Get the right advice

These simple steps are setting you up for super success and can make a big difference to your future.

We’re here to help you at every stage

We wanted to let you know that we can offer advice about your super to help you make the right decisions wherever you are in your life. Depending on the type of advice you need, this can be at no additional cost.

Our highly trained team of financial planners do not receive commissions, incentives or bonuses they are just here to help you achieve the retirement you deserve. They can help you to take control of your finances and grow your savings.

If you’d like to talk with one of our financial planners, you can book an appointment online or call us on 1300 369 901 to make an appointment today.