Tips & Tools

Keep building your financial fitness with these tips and tools that we mentioned during our financial fitness info session.

Set your financial goals

Make sure your goals fit the SMART method:







Track your spending

ASIC Money Smart’s Track My Spend

Online banking platforms and apps can also help.


Build a plan

As a general rule of thumb, use 50 | 30 | 20 as your guide:

  • 50% living expenses
  • 30% lifestyle spending
  • 20% savings


ASIC Money Smart’s Budget Planner

ASIC’s Money Smart Saving Goals Calculator

First Home Super Saver (FHSS) Scheme Estimator

ASIC’s Money Smart Credit Card Calculator

Debt management - Unburry Me 


Live the plan

  • Make the plan part of your life – add it to your routine.
  • Monitor your progress and celebrate your success.
  • Keep your plan up to date.


Make the most of your super

  • Find out about bringing your super together in one place to cut down on fees and grow your money faster.
  • Take your super with you when you change jobs.
  • Select the right investment option for your life stage and investment goals.
  • Protect yourself and your family with cost-effective insurance inside super. Try our Insurance Calculator to work out how much cover you need.
  • Check if you’re on track for a comfortable retirement with our Retirement Projection Calculator
  • If you need help, speak to one of our financial planners 02 9046 1920 or [email protected]

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