Claim Your Super Early

Claim my super early

As a member of EISS Super, you can apply to have your superannuation benefits released early (along with any applicable insurance benefits), in the event of:

  • Death or Terminal illness
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (also known as Permanent Incapacity)
  • Temporary disablement if you have Salary Continuance insurance
  • Severe Financial Hardship*
  • Compassionate Grounds
  • A temporary resident permanently departing Australia

You or your representative will need to notify us as soon as practicable of the intention to claim, so we can help guide you through the claim process.

For the Trustee to begin assessment of the claim, you will need to provide all necessary documentation. Once received, the Trustee will review your claim to assess that you have met the relevant ‘condition of release’ criteria as prescribed by law.

If you are claiming an insurance benefit, your claim will need to be assessed by both the Insurer and the Trustee. Please note, depending on the date you joined and how long you have been a member, your insurance cover may be subject to certain conditions and limitations.  

* Please note that for members who join on or after 1 January 2018, in order to be eligible to make a claim for the early release of your super on the grounds of Severe Financial Hardship, you will need to have been an EISS Super member for at least 12 months.

Engaging lawyers to act on your claim

A common misconception is that you need legal representation to claim superannuation or insurance benefits. This is not the case.

EISS Super is legally required to act in your best interest and that includes pursuing our insurer on reasonable claims on your behalf.

Some law firms will take a substantial portion of your superannuation entitlement, sometimes a large percentage of your entitlement under a claim.  Some law firms will ask members to enter into fee agreements that you cannot get out of (irrevocable fee agreements). 

We are here to help

At EISS Super, we want your superannuation benefits to go to you and your family.  We understand that suffering a serious illness or injury is a very challenging time of life. We aim to assist with your claim and finalise any payment as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for the early release of a super benefit, please contact us on 02 9046 1920 or email [email protected].