Spouse contributions

Making spouse contributions helps couples to save for retirement and take advantage of super tax concessions.

If your spouse earns an annual income of $37,000 or less a tax offset of up to $540 is available. All you need to do is make a personal contribution to your spouse’s account of at least $3,000 into a complying super fund, such as EISS Super.

The tax offset amount will gradually reduce for income above this amount and completely phases out when your spouse’s annual income reaches $40,000.

Your spouse must be under age 65 or aged 65 to 69 and meet the work-test to be eligible to receive this contribution.


Please note, you will not be entitled to the tax offset when your spouse receiving the contribution:

  • exceeds their non-concessional contributions cap for the relevant year, or
  • has a total superannuation balance equal to or exceeding the general transfer balance cap ($1.6 million for 2017/18) immediately before the start of the financial year in which the contribution was made.
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