How and when you can access your super

How and when you can access your super

Super is a long-term investment designed to provide you with an income in your retirement, there are restrictions around when and how you can access your super.

There are very limited circumstances where you can access your super savings early.

You may be eligible to claim your preserved benefit on the grounds of Permanent Incapacity provided you meet certain conditions. Under Superannuation Law, Permanent Incapacity means you are suffering ill-health (whether physical or mental) and the Trustee is reasonably satisfied that, because of ill-health, it is unlikely you will ever engage in gainful employment for which you are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience. For more information, or if you need to make a claim please call us on 1300 369 901.

  • Severe Financial Hardship*
    Under very limited circumstances you may be eligible for an early release payment of your super on the grounds of severe financial hardship. Click here for further details. * Please note that for members who join on or after 1 January 2018, in order to be eligible to make a claim for the early release of your super on the grounds of Severe Financial Hardship, you will need to have been an EISS Super member for at least 12 months.

  • Compassionate Grounds
    There are limited circumstances where your benefit may be released on compassionate grounds – find out more here.

  • A temporary resident permanently departing Australia
    You may be able to access your super if you are a temporary resident and permanently leave Australia (excludes New Zealanders). For more information click here

If you need to make an insurance claim click here.

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