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Protecting your super and making the most of it

How we work for our members

EISS Super is an industry super fund that’s run for members by genuine people committed to protecting your super. 

We put your future first by investing in high-performing assets to grow and protect your retirement savings. Offering value for money, our management of your super comes with low fees and solid long-term returns. 

At EISS Super, we do our best to make understanding your super easy. We maintain transparency about how your money is invested. Our product options and advice allow you to make decisions based on your goals and requirements. 

They’re designed to help you make the right choice for growing your super, not to introduce unnecessary complexity. 

It’s about helping you feel confident about your financial future and in control of your retirement savings - and enabling you to see your future clearly.

Access support when you need it

As an EISS Super member, you’ll be able to access support from our team when you need it. We believe in supporting our members with the right advice to help them see their future clearly. 

Our planners don’t receive bonuses, commissions, or incentives, so they’re focused only on what’s best for you and your future. 

Our expert advisors provide individualised guidance you can trust to have your super working harder for you, so you can create the future you envision. They’ll work out your goals before setting out a strategy to enable you to make the right decisions and take control of your retirement savings.

Our experienced and highly qualified financial planners are here for you whether you’re seeking a complete financial plan, advice on one or two topics, or the answer to a simple question about your super. 

They can work with members on everything from investing for a comfortable retirement and investing extra money to planning for the costs of aged care and growing their wealth. 

You can consult our planners over the phone, via video conference, or in person at one of our locations. 

Your financial future

With EISS Super, we’re with you for the long haul. We believe in supporting our members in taking control of their financial future and making the right decision about their super. 

We achieve this by empowering you with financial advice and direction, from our team of financial planners who are genuine people dedicated to protecting your super.

Our financial planners provide personal advice tailored to you and your situation - from simple questions about your super to topic-based advice and comprehensive financial plans for growing your wealth. 

They don’t receive any incentives, bonuses, or commissions, so you can be confident about receiving impartial advice that’s in your best interests.

You may have questions like how much you’ll need in retirement to maintain your lifestyle. Alternatively, you might want to plan for a gradual transition to retirement. Or you might be seeking a detailed plan for retirement and what you can do now to maximise your nest egg. 

Whatever your plans, we can assist you with assessing your situation now and ensuring you’re on the right track with tailored advice. 

EISS Super investment options

EISS Super offers five investment options to match your risk profile and investment goals. Each option comes with different levels of exposure to growth assets, such as shares, and defensive assets, such as fixed income and cash. 

Except for cash, all options offer a level of diversification across different asset classes, so you’re not putting all your eggs in the one basket. 

  • Conservative - The Conservative option has 50% allocated to defensive assets, 20% in dynamic allocation between defensive and growth assets, and 30% in growth assets.
  • Conservative Balanced - Our Conservative Balanced investment option has 30% allocated to defensive assets, 20% in dynamic allocation between defensive and growth assets, and 50% in growth assets.
  • Balanced (MySuper) - The Balanced or MySuper investment option has 15% of your money in defensive assets, 20% in dynamic allocation between defensive and growth assets, and 65% in growth assets.
  • High Growth - Our High Growth option has 15% allocated in dynamic allocation between defensive and growth assets and 85% in growth assets. 

If you have any questions about which investment option is right for your super at your current life stage, our financial planners are happy to help answer your queries.

Value for money

Value for money means quality management of your funds, with low fees* and long term returns.

*Rainmaker Benchmarking Report, March 2020.

Are you looking to switch super funds?

Australians have billions of dollars in lost super, some of it spread across multiple accounts. If you have multiple super accounts, consolidating your money into a single account can minimise your fees, helps you regain control of your super, and makes managing it easier. 

Opting for the super account with the highest balance might not be the best idea. You’ll want to combine you super in a fund with lower fees and solid, long-term returns. 

At EISS Super, low fees and solid returns over the long term are what we offer our members. Moreover, we support our members with financial advice and direction to help them see their future clearly. We have a range of investment options to suit our members’ risk profiles and investment goals, and we invite you to make the​ or consolidate now.

If you’re already an EISS Super member, log into your account now and go to 'Find My Super' to consolidate multiple accounts.

Note, it’s a good idea to review any applicable fees and your insurance coverage before you combine your super. Also, don’t forget to let your employer know about your chosen fund once you make the switch.

If you’re not an EISS member, you can check for lost or unclaimed super through the ATO's online services, through myGov. 

A word from our members

"We've been extremely well looked after by EISS Super. I'd be very happy to recommend EISS Super for the security and for the fact that they're good to you."

Vickii, member for 8 years

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