Understanding Aged Care

Understanding aged care

Whether you’re looking at options for yourself or a family member, as people get older and look to change their living arrangements we are faced with many options, this makes it difficult to decide what the next step should be.

For some, downsizing your home or moving to self-contained retirement accommodation may be the best choice. Things to consider are being close to health care amenities and access to an active social community through family, friends and local residents.

Some facilities offer extensive care options and packages and can vary greatly between fees and legal structures. Before entering any arrangement, it is absolutely vital to be aware of and understand the terms that you are consenting to. Always get independent professional advice.

No matter what you decide, any change to your living situation or the level of support that you need will involve changes to your financial obligations. It is important to assess how these changes might affect your position and understand your financial capacity to weather them.

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