Considering a super switch?


Considering a super switch?

Before you make any investment option switches, here are some things to consider:

Your investment goals

How much do you need for the retirement you want to enjoy? The more you need, the more risk you might need to take. Check out our Retirement Projection Calculator to find out how much super you’ll need to fund the retirement you want.

How long until you retire

The longer you have until retirement, the more time you have to make some investment choices that may be riskier, but on the other hand may offer a higher rate of return. If retirement is a while off, you’ll have more time to recover from any market downturns and gain the rewards from strong market performances.

Your attitude to risk

The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Whether it’s the High Growth investment option, or if a Balanced option is more suited to your style, you need to be comfortable with the level of risk you’re exposed to. Our Risk Attitude Quiz can help you identify your attitude to risk, and provide some information about the type of investment option that generally suits that attitude. Just login to your online account and see if your current investment choice is in line with your risk attitude or if it’s time to consider a switch.

How diversified you are

Think about your other money and where its invested. The more diverse you are, the more your money is cushioned from the impact of a fall in one asset class or investment market, or another way to think about it is not having all your eggs in one basket. EISS Super offer a selection of investment options each with a different level of exposure to growth assets and defensive assets.

5 tips to consider when making an investment option

Talk to an expert!

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