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Default Cover

EISS Super provide eligible members with a package of insurance called Default Cover, which includes three (3) units of Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover if you’re under age 45, or two (2) units of Death and TPD Cover if you’re aged between 45 and 65. This cover provides you and your family with protection in the event of death, total and permanent disablement or terminal illness.

If you work in a White-Collar occupation you can apply for a 20% reduction to the Standard premium rate for Default Death and TPD Cover. The definition of White-Collar occupational classification is that your job involves no manual work e.g. you only perform clerical or administrative activities in an office-based environment.

To apply for the White-Collar occupational classification, please complete the Application to change Default occupational classification form.

If you’re under age 25 and/or have a super account balance less than $6,000, you’re not automatically eligible for Default Cover, but you can let us know you want it by opting in. If you don’t tell us you want Default Cover (by opting-in), your insurance will commence (if eligible) when you are over age 25 and have a super account balance over $6,000. You can opt-in for Default Cover now.

You can cancel or amend your Default Cover at any time. For more information on Default Cover read the EISS Super PDS.

Voluntary Cover

Members of EISS Super can also apply for additional insurance cover known as ‘Voluntary Cover’. Voluntary Cover is subject to health checks and acceptance by the Insurer. There are five types of Voluntary Cover available including additional Death and TPD Cover, Death Only Cover, TPD Only Cover, Life Event Cover and Salary Continuance Insurance. You can find out more about what voluntary cover is available in the Insurance in Your Super document.

If you’d like to find out if the cover you have is right for you, try our Insurance Calculator or visit our e-learning platform Money Matters.


Key facts sheet

Our Insurance in Super Key Facts Sheet provides important information about our default insurance cover and can help you compare our insurance cover with other funds.

Insurance Forms

Member's Personal Statement Download
Change or Cancel Insurance Cover  Download
Insurance Transfer Form Download
Authority to Release Medical Information Download
Application to Change Voluntary Insurance Occupation Download
Application for Increased Insurance – Life Event Cover Download
Opt-in to Default Cover Download
Application to change Default insurance occupational classification Download
Insurance Cover Reinstatement Download