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Managing and protecting your EISS Super


Managing and protecting your EISS Super
Information and the right tools to manage and grow your super


EISS Super member management

At EISS Super, we’re with you for the long haul. We’re always here to help our members protect and grow their super. We offer value for money, which means low fees and stable, long-term returns. With EISS Super, your future is in safe hands.

Our financial advisors are genuine people who put your future first and are dedicated to protecting your super. They’re ready to provide you with the financial advice and direction to help you see your future clearly.

We’re also committed to empowering you with the right information and resources so you can make informed decisions and take charge of your super.

On this page you’ll find valuable information, tools and forms to help you better plan for retirement, understand the different investment options we offer, and manage your super.

Start now and make the most of your super.

Planning for retirement

Our experts have put together some useful information to guide you in your retirement planning. Find out how you can combine your super accounts and find your lost super through your EISS Super member account online. In this section, you’ll also find information on making extra contributions and how to take your super with you when you change jobs.

Investment options

At EISS Super, we’re dedicated to helping you see your future clearly. Here, you can find information to better understand our investment options and our approach to managing your money.

More about our approach to managing your money

We’re the super fund for you

EISS Super is an industry super fund that works hard for hard-working Australians. We want you to feel confident about your super and in control of your financial future.

Super shouldn’t feel complicated or hard, so our product philosophy is simple. We believe in using our expertise to help you make the right choice rather than overwhelming you with unnecessary options. At the same time, we’re open about where we invest your money so you’re in the know and can make decisions based on your individual needs and goals.