Take care of your mental health

The lack of social contact due to Covid-19 has challenged many of us. Coping with uncertainty, especially over a long period can be difficult so it’s important to identify strategies that can work for you.

To help, we’re providing access to mental health resources including a new online tool called Headlight. Developed by our insurance partner TAL, alongside the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre, Headlight is anonymous1, free and secure.

To take the first step, visit Headlight and complete a short questionnaire to identify your lifestyle risk factors and obtain a personal wellbeing score. Based on your score, Headlight will provide you with access to tools and wellbeing resources that have been developed by leading mental health organisations to help you look after yourself and stay resilient.

Go to myheadlight.com.au/eiss-super to find out more.

1 If you choose to use Headlight, no identifiable data is retained; however, you can elect to contribute your survey responses to the University of Sydney research study. EISS Super have not and will not provide any member data to other parties in relation to these services.