New year super checklist

New year super checklist

Want to take control of your finances in 2020? Why not start with your super. Your online account makes it easier than ever before to get your super working harder for you.

1. Find and combine your super

Do you have more than one super account? If so, you’re paying multiple sets of fees that can have a big impact on your super balance over your working life.

The good news is your online account makes it quick and easy to find and combine your super.

Simply login to your account and at the bottom of your dashboard select the menu in the right hand corner and click on Find My Super.

Having all your super in one place means you:

  • Avoid paying additional fees.
  • Cut down on the paperwork sent to you.
  • Only have one set of account details to remember.

Before consolidating your super, consider if you will be charged any exit fees and what effect the consolidation will have on any insurance cover you hold.

2. Take your super with you when you change jobs

Planning a job or career change in 2020? Avoid the hassle of multiple accounts and ask your new employer to pay your super into your EISS Super account.

All you need to do is complete our Pay My Super into My EISS Super Account form and give it to your employer. You can also email your super account information directly to your employer. Both options are available at

3. Make extra contributions

Employers are required to contribute 9.5% of your salary to super, but the harsh reality is that this will not be enough to fund the type of lifestyle you want in retirement.

By making extra contributions you can take advantage of the tax benefits of super to reduce your taxable income while growing your retirement savings.

You can make contributions of up to $25,000 per year to your super from your before-tax income. This figure includes the 9.5% your employer contributes from your salary.

To work out the best way to add to your super, try our Contributions Calculator at

4. Choose the right investment option

Super is a long-term investment that grows throughout your working life to fund your lifestyle in retirement. It’s important to select the right investment option for you to ensure it aligns with your attitude to risk, retirement goals, years left in the workforce and other considerations.

You can check and change your investment option in the investments section of your online account.

To find out more about your attitude to risk, try our Risk Attitude Quiz which is also available in your online account.

5. Nominate a beneficiary

Who’ll get your super (and if applicable insurance benefit) if you pass away? It’s not something we like to think about, but it’s important to tell us who you want to receive your benefit in the event of your death so we can distribute it according to your wishes.

You will need to complete and sign a Binding Nomination form, have it witnessed and return it to us. Binding nominations are valid for three years and need to be renewed when they expire.

You can download the form at



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