MySuper Default
Investment Option Change

At EISS Super we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services to help members get the retirement they deserve. Many of our members trust us to manage their investments by leaving their super in our default MySuper investment option.

We take the trust our members place in us very seriously. Considering the long term nature of superannuation we have determined that changing our default MySuper investment option to one that invests in more growth assets (e.g. Australian and International equities) will provide our MySuper members with a better outcome at retirement. As such, we changed our default MySuper investment option to our Balanced investment option on 18 November 2019.

What does this mean for members?

Unless members told us otherwise, their full account balance was transferred from MySuper Conservative Balanced to our Balanced (MySuper) option on 18 November 2019. From that date, members’ future contributions and any rollovers made into their account will also be invested in our Balanced (MySuper) option.

While our Balanced (MySuper) option invests more in growth assets like Australian and International equities, we still follow the same cautious philosophy, to manage investment risk and protect members’ capital while capturing opportunities for growth.

What do members need to do if they aren’t happy with the change.

Members who did not tell us prior to the change that they wanted to stay in our Conservative Balanced option can make an investment choice through their online account or by calling us on 1300 369 901.

Members can also speak to a Financial Planner to find out which investment option suits them best.