EISS Super CEO Alex Hutchinson on Insurance

Message from Alex Hutchison, EISS CEO, regarding insurance

In response to the recent allegations about the claims management practices of CommInsure (Commonwealth Bank’s insurance arm), we wish to inform our members that the insurance provider for EISS is TAL. TAL provide insurance cover to more than three (3) million Australians and is one of Australia’s leading specialist life insurers.

We work in close partnership with TAL with particular focus on ensuring members receive the experiences they expect at all stages of the insurance process.

At EISS we are committed to selecting service providers who demonstrate a genuine interest in our business and share our values, at the core is putting our members first at all times.

We would also like to assure all our members that EISS undertakes a thorough and independent review of every claim to ensure each outcome is appropriate.

Members who have any questions or concerns should call us on 1300 369 901.