Meeting with your
financial planner?
What option will you choose?

Our Financial Planning team have introduced new ways to meet with you for appointments and annual reviews. Your three options for future meetings are below:

  • Phone: over the phone, in the comfort of your home or work.
  • Video call: video conference over your computer, smart phone or tablet (if you haven’t tried this before we can send you an easy to use guide). We’re finding more members are taking up this easy option where you can still see your planner, and they can share their screen with you.
  • Offices: when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, and if it’s convenient for you, we can meet you at one of our permanent or pop-up locations. We’ll let you know your closest location prior to your appointment. 

The team at EISS Super are committed to providing you the high level of service you’re used to, and have made changes to how we meet with you to ensure we continue to do this safely and effectively. All of our meeting options provide the same level and quality of advice and service, they are just different ways to meet.