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Headlight: A guiding light to mental wellbeing

Covid-19 has made many of us realise that we live in an unpredictable world, and we understand you might be navigating uncertain times right now.

With impacts to our way of life, working arrangements, finances and even our health, it’s totally normal to feel heightened levels of stress and anxiety. While we’re all responding to these circumstances in our own way, it’s important to prioritise your wellbeing during this time.

Sometimes simple actions can make a big difference, so that’s why we’re providing you with access to a new online tool called Headlight.

Shine a light on your mental health

Developed by our insurance partner TAL, alongside the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre, Headlight is an anonymous, free and secure online tool that guides you through proactively managing your mental wellbeing.

By clicking the button below and answering a few short questions, Headlight will provide you with a range of programs and resources to help you take control. These resources are tailored to you based on your wellbeing score and other mental health lifestyle factors.

Explore your mental wellbeing now

Take back control with these handy resources

It’s important to look after yourself and stay resilient. By clicking the download buttons below, you can access a range of resources developed by our insurance partner TAL, and leading mental health organisation Assure Programs. These include:


It’s important to note that EISS Super have not and will not provide any member data to Headlight, the University of Sydney, TAL, Assure Programs or CMS in relation to these services. If you choose to use Headlight, no identifiable data whatsoever is retained; however you can elect to contribute your survey responses to the University of Sydney research study.