How to Find Lost or Unclaimed Super

Finding lost or unclaimed super

As reported by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), a staggering $13.8 billion dollars of lost or unclaimed super is sitting in Australians’ accounts as at 30 June 20201. Could some of it be yours?

When people change their name, start new jobs or move, it’s easy to understand why super payments are sometimes unclaimed or lost. To help reunite people with their super, the ATO has launched a lost and unclaimed super postcode campaign that highlights which postcodes and suburbs have the highest amount of lost super.

The ATO’s data shows the eastern seaboard states have the highest amount of unclaimed and lost super, with New South Wales topping the nation with unclaimed and lost amounts of over $3 billion, followed by Victoria and Queensland who both have around $2 billion to be claimed2.

How to search for your lost or unclaimed super

Being an EISS Super member, it’s easy to track down your lost or unclaimed super and add it to your current account so your hard earned money can start working for you.

Just log in to your online account and select ‘Find My Super’ from the menu. It should take you no more than a couple of minutes.

Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 369 901 and we can help you find and combine your super over the phone.