7 ways to avoid
debt this Christmas

Every year many of us go into debt and spend more than we plan during the holidays to get the perfect presents, gourmet food and decorations.

Marketing, advertising and social pressure can make us feel bad if we have less than a picture perfect Christmas. But the truth is there are lots of ways to enjoy the holiday season that feel indulgent, without spending thousands of dollars on everything. Yes – even if you’ve got kids, grandkids or nieces and nephews to spoil.

  1. Shop the sales 
    Shopping at the sales throughout the year is a great way to get the perfect presents for less. In 2019 there was a big surge in spending in November during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as savvy shoppers took advantage of the discounts1.

    Stocktake sales and mid-season sales often see discounting of 50-70% or more, allowing you to get that impressive present without overspending. Plus, you’ll be less stressed than you’d be trying to cram everything in at the last minute. Just make sure you choose something classic and timeless that won’t look dated by the time you hand it over.

  2. Use browser and search engine tools 
    Honey is a free browser extension for Chrome that automatically searches online and applies any available discount codes or coupons2. If you’re searching for gifts with Google, you can click the Shopping option just under the search box above your results to get through to Google Shopping. This lets you refine results by price, brand etc. across multiple online stores.

    Catch and Amazon Australia are two online department stores that are making an impact in the market. It doesn’t mean they’re always the cheapest, so it still pays to shop around, especially when you can do a lot of it from the comfort of home.

  3. Choose wisely
    Instead of choosing something big, flashy and/or designer, be strategic. You’ll save money and impress the recipient more. Choose something practical but with special meaning to the person you’re buying for. Good examples are multi-tools, good quality stationery, or glassware. Alternatively, think about recent conversations with the person. Have they mentioned a potential gift they’d love but wouldn’t buy for themselves? Is there a gadget or product that would solve a problem they always complain about?

  4. Organised regifting
    Regifting is OK, as long as you’re organised about it. After all, there’s no harm done at all unless the giver finds out about it, or the recipient finds out it wasn’t selected especially for them! Keep all your unwanted gifts in one place, with a record of who gave you the gift and when (this will help you avoid mixing gifting circles!) Finally, don’t re-gift something that the giver will follow up on or expect to see on display.

  5. Check out your Loyalty Rewards program
    As a member of EISS Super, you’re automatically given free membership to our Loyalty Rewards program, which offers discounts with leading retailers. The offers are always growing, and the best way to keep up with them is to download the EISS Super Loyalty Rewards app and start browsing. The discounts might trigger some ideas!

  6. Give the gift of a gift card
    It’s not as imaginative as a personalised gift, but they are better than giving one that’ll end in the regift pile, and ideal for the person who has everything. Plus, they’ll get to go shopping during the Boxing Day sales.(Best of all, you can get discounts on gift cards with your EISS Super Loyalty Rewards. So it’s a bargain on bargain!)

  7. Make repayments your top priority
    If you’ve put some of your Christmas purchases on credit, make sure you pay it all back as soon as possible. If you don’t pay the full balance at the end of the month, you’ll be hit with some interest. Make debt repayments a high priority item in your household budget until the bill is repaid.

Want to get smarter about managing debt? Visit our Money Matters e-learning platform at eisuper.com.au/MoneyMatters. What you learn in just a few minutes could help you save hundreds this Christmas and beyond!

1 National Retailers Association: December ABS results confirm a shift in Christmas shopping behaviour; February 2020.  nra.net.au/media-release/december-abs-results/
Honey, joinhoney.com