Topic Based Advice

Topic based advice

Topic based advice could be around a simple strategy to manage your debts, or something more complex such as aged care planning or tax minimisation.

We can meet with you by video conference, in person at one of our offices, or a phone call may be more convenient for you and your partner.

Advice isn’t a one size fits all, so we provide a flexible offering to ensure you only pay for advice on the areas of your finances that you want and need. Below are the different topics we provide advice on.

Budgeting and cashflow

Budgeting can mean a lot more than not overspending week to week, or the means to save for a holiday. Our financial planners can review your sources of income and expenses and help you take control of your spending. They can also help you find savings opportunities and provide you with strategies to manage your money in a way that will help you achieve your plans for the future.

Debt management

Debt is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you structure it in a way that minimises the interest you pay – and there are a surprising number of ways to do this. One of the biggest debts people have is a mortgage, but debt is also what you owe on your credit card. Large or small, our planners can help you work out the best way to manage and pay off the debts you have.

Wealth outside of super

If you’re looking to invest money outside your super account, perhaps for yourself, your kids or grandkids, there are numerous options to consider. EISS Super financial planners can explain the different options you have to invest your money and provide advice specific to your situation and goals.

Tax minimisation

Keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket! A financial planner will be able to assess your situation and work with you to minimise your tax obligations. They can help you manage your super contributions within contribution caps, invest outside of your super tax effectively, manage tax on a redundancy payment or minimise the tax payable by your estate.


If you’re considering taking a redundancy or just want to better understand your options, our financial planners can help. They can provide financial advice to help you understand any redundancy offer that has been made, and the impact a redundancy may have on your super. If you’d like further advice around how a redundancy will impact your finances more broadly, or if it could mean an early retirement, consider getting comprehensive redundancy advice.

Planning for retirement

If you’re retiring and need some advice on establishing an income stream, such as an account based pension, an EISS Super financial planner can help. We also provide comprehensive advice when it comes to planning your retirement

Managing finances in retirement

Just because you retire it doesn’t mean you stop managing your finances or that your super stops working for you. In fact, it can become more important because your income now depends on making the most of the assets you have while also protecting them from losses. A financial planner can help you structure your investments and income payments to make the most of what you have.

As you progress through retirement your financial situation may also change which could mean you become eligible for the Age Pension or other government benefits where you didn’t qualify before. Our financial planners can help you identify and apply for the benefits you’re entitled to.    

Estate planning

Estate planning can be a complex area to address. Your financial planner can help ensure you have the right arrangements in place for your estate, and for yourself, including making a Will, Powers of Attorney and asset distribution. We can also work with your solicitor.

Aged care advice

Whether you’re looking at options for yourself or a family member, as people get older and look to change their living arrangements we are faced with many options, this makes it difficult to decide what the next step should be. Our specialist financial planners can help you understand the options available and how your finances may be impacted.

Find out more about aged care advice

What does this advice cost?

Our fees vary depending on the complexity of your needs, the number of areas you need advice on, and whether the advice is just for you or also for your partner. This allows us to ensure you only pay for the advice you need.

As an industry super fund, we don’t have to make profits and pay dividends to shareholders. This means our costs stay competitive because we only charge what it costs us to provide you with the advice services you receive.

Your financial planner will discuss your needs and the costs associated with the advice at your first meeting. Fees will always be agreed with you before you incur any charges.      

Maintaining your plan

No matter how good your financial plan is, changes in your finances, goals and personal situation, legislation and investment markets, may have an impact on your plan so it’s important to review and update it regularly. Our Ongoing Service Program gives you peace of mind with a dedicated advice team working alongside you to keep you on track and maintain your plan into the future.

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