Simple Personal Advice About Your Super

Simple personal advice
about your super
Superannuation investment option

Did you know that you can change the investment option your super is in? EISS Super offer a range of investment options each with a different level of exposure to growth and defensive assets (i.e. different levels of risk and return).

If you’re a member of EISS Super, you can get personal advice from a specialist superannuation adviser about how your super is invested and what the right investment option is for you at no extra cost. This service is provided as part of your membership and is provided over the phone so why not make an appointment today

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Contributing to super

There are two main ways to contribute to super. These are called concessional (before tax or salary sacrifice) and non-concessional (after tax) contributions.

Salary sacrificing can be an effective way to boost your super and start saving for your retirement while reducing your tax along the way. A specialist superannuation adviser can work out if making extra contributions before or after tax is best for your situation and show you how a little extra in your super today can make a big difference to your future. There are different types of contributions with different rules to consider, and an adviser can guide you through your options so you select and implement the one that’s right for you.  

Not ready for personal advice yet? Try our Boost My Super calculator to find out the best way to make extra contributions to your account.

Insurance within your super

If you’re over 25 and/or have over $6,000 in your super account, it’s likely that you have insurance within your super account. EISS Super automatically provide eligible members with insurance called Default Cover, but members can also apply for additional insurance known as Voluntary Cover and have the premiums paid directly from their super account. A specialist superannuation adviser can help you work out the right combination and amount of insurance for your circumstances and the needs of you and your family.

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