Comprehensive Advice

Comprehensive Advice

Comprehensive advice is likely to be more complex than other types of advice, as it takes into account your whole financial position (which may include your partner). You might be thinking about the present and how to make the most of your assets and financial situation, or maybe you’re close to retirement and want to see if you’re on track to meet your retirement and lifestyle goals. Comprehensive advice can help.

Advice about your overall financial situation can benefit you at any stage in life but it is often the most beneficial when you are preparing for a big change in your life such as:

Planning for retirement – A financial planner can work with you to develop a retirement plan that will identify how much money you’ll need to fund the lifestyle you want in retirement and put a comprehensive plan in place to help you get there. You might be close to retirement, or it could still be a long way off, but putting a plan in place is an important first step.

Make the most out of your financial opportunities while you’re still working, by planning for retirement early. Make an appointment with a financial planner and start the conversation today!

Considering a redundancy – Whether you’re considering taking a voluntary redundancy or being made redundant, the idea of leaving a job and losing an income is a big change that can be unsettling. But, with the right planning, it could also mean new opportunities like a new career or early retirement!

You may be wondering what to do with the payout. How do you cover living costs, what does this mean for your future and retirement, what can you do with your super, and what are the tax implications of redundancy? Seeking professional financial advice before you accept a redundancy can help you financially prepare for the next phase of your life and give you peace of mind around some of these important decisions. Find out more about planning for redundancy.

An EISS Super financial planner can provide you tailored advice for your unique situation, and as our financial planners don’t receive commissions, incentives or bonuses, what’s best for you is their only priority. Your first meeting is at no cost, and you can decide if you’d like to move forward with advice in your own time.

Once you have a financial plan in place, our Ongoing Service Program is ideal for keeping you on track and maintaining your plan.


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