Advice We Provide

Advice we provide

Firstly, there are two types of financial advice – general advice and personal advice.

General advice is factual information you may get from a newspaper, seminar or newsletter that we send to you. It’s not tailored to you or your situation but may explain financial concepts and approaches, product features, how financial strategies generally work or the rules and regulations around super. It may even include things like case studies or examples.

Our Money Matters modules are a great example of general advice.

Personal advice is detailed and specific to you. It takes your financial situation into account and any plan or advice provided to you will consider your unique circumstances and goals. It can be about one or two specific topics (known as topic based advice), your whole financial situation (known as comprehensive advice) or somewhere in between.

EISS Super financial planners can help you take control of your finances by giving you the right advice, at the right time for you. Our financial planners don’t receive commissions, incentives or bonuses, so what’s best for you is their only priority. Your first meeting is at no cost, and you can decide if you’d like to move forward with advice in your own time.

Types of personal advice you can get from EISS Super
Simple advice about my super

If you’d like advice about what investment option is best for your super savings, insurance within your super, or how to make additional contributions, we have specialist superannuation advisers that can help you over the phone.

Find out how you can benefit from simple advice about your super.

Topic based advice

Just need advice on one or maybe two areas? We understand that you may not need comprehensive advice for every financial decision you’re considering, so we offer a range of areas where we can provide the advice that’s right for you, right now.

Find out about the topics our team can advise you on.

Comprehensive advice

If you’ve been thinking about how to grow your wealth so you can enjoy the retirement you dream of, or are getting close to retirement and want to make sure you’ve got a strategy in place to fund your lifestyle, you’re likely to benefit from professional advice from a financial planner. Whether it’s planning for a new stage in your life such as retirement, moving home, or an unexpected event such as redundancy or an inheritance, we want you to feel confident and in control of your financial future.

Find out how comprehensive advice can help you.

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